The aim of the Biafra Zionist Movement (The Zionist) is to see the Independence of the Rep of Biafra resurrected since the end of the war between Nigeria and Biafra on January 15th 1970.  The independence of the Rep of Biafra we believe will guarantee the security of life and property of  our citizens and also accord us the freedom to freely worship our God in our churches and holy places without the fear of being bombed or killed by any one either from the Nigeria State or at the hands of terrorist..

The Nigeria State  as we are aware was an artificial creation by the British Empire  in 1914 that never sought the consent of our people before we were amalgamated with the Muslim Nigeria.  Ever since the amalgamation took effect on January 1 1915  the Biafran people have lost over 4 million of our citizens through Civil War, Religious Strife, , Social and Economic problems.  If Biafra is allowed to regain her independence, we will protect our citizens from the on-going strife in Nigeria today.  Our aim is to develop our people economically and give them hope to live as human beings. We want a country where all and sundry would be given the same opportunity in life regardless of the person's gender, religion or ethnic identity.  This is to create an environment or society where our Society would be based on merit rather than who do you know syndrome corruptive Society.   Biafrans also want  to maintain a relationship with the outside world where we can utilize all our God given talents to help and contribute towards a better world that would  benefit all mankind.  In summary our sole aim here is to restore the Sovereignty of the Republic of Biafra and to give our people equal access to  compete in the global economy..  The Amalgamation between  the Biafran people and Nigeria must be dissolved and unless we do so, our future as a people is very bleak,  But with the hope we vest on the Biafran people and with the help of God we shall be free from the bondage called Nigeria in the time honored way.

  History has taught us that no political or economic situation remains static.  We all knew what our Jewish brethren went through in Germany between 1933-1945.  Hitler came to power on January 30 1933.  Instead of him to face the Allied Powers he accused of destroying and sabotaging Germany, he  mistakenly began to persecute the Jewish people like the old Pharaoh of Egypt   He singled the Jews out for destruction which he failed in his mis-calculation.  The world remained silent and watched Hitler killed over 7 Million Jews by 1945.  But today the Jewish Nation rules the world without challenge. Today Israel has emerged as one of the strongest Military and Economic Super Powers of the World. Today Israel dictates the politics of the Middle East and beyond. Today the Jewish nation represents Success and Might in all areas of human endeavour.  We believe that the Israeli and Jewish connection that Biafra will re-emerge as a country to restore our shattered hope and Biafra support for Israel will be strong and unweavering.

What does the Organisation do (BZM Activities)
We are a group that is fighting for the political emancipation of the Biafran people.  Since the end of the war in 1970, our people are being killed on a daily basis.  We are being marginalized both economically and politically.  We have no meaningful infrastructure here that equates our region with other parts of Nigeria.  So we are campaigning politically to end these injustices against our people and to set out very clearly to our people and to the International  Community the political economic and religious reasons why the Biafran people should be allowed to be independent like the people of South Sudan.  Our goal is also to educate and inform our people the Biafrans why it is necessary for them to be independent out of Nigeria.  BZM is laying more  emphasis mainly on the security of life and property of  our people. As without our security we are at the mercy of our enemies namely Nigeria.

When did the Organisation start?
  The Biafra Zionist Movement was formed in London the UK.  It was then launched in Biafra on September 18th 2010 at Michael Okpara  Square.  It was launched to mobolise our people to re-visit the issue of the survival of the Biafran people.  We believe that the civil war between Nigeria-Biafra is not over yet.  Even though the slogan at the end of the war was No Victor No Vanquished.  We can see that since 1970, the policies of the Nigeria State have consistently remind the Biafran people that we were infact defeated by the Nigeria side.  Since we were launched and formed in Biafra we have been able to mobolise many people both at home and abroad to this vital quest for the liberation and survival of the Biafran people.  In the 21/2 years of our existence we have made very good inroad to mobolise our people both at home and abroad Biafra re-emergence as a State.  We have the confidence that we shall succeed in no distant time as we are fighting a just cause. Even a small child born in Biafra today will tell you that we have being treated unfairly in Nigeria and that independence is the best option for us.

What we intend to achieve now.
We have a very hope that we shall regain our freedom very soon by the grace of God.   Our right to be independent has been boosted  by the latest development in South Sudan.  The North and South Sudan have separated because they could not live peacefully as one country.  The same issue here as in Sudan.  Muslim North and Christian South.  The Biafra people and the South Sudanese share the same kind of problem between Islam and Christianity. We are determined that we are going to be independent so as to give our people the security of life and property that the free world enjoys today.  Secondly to guarantee our peoples right to freely worship our God as Judea Christians without any threat.

What we have achieved so far:
In the last 21/2 years of our campaign, we have made very significant inroads into the struggle.  Firstly we have made Biafra quest for independence to be heard and listened to through the media, internet and general mobilization of our people. The Biafra Zionist Movement repositioned the Biafran cause for the first time since 1970 to be heard around the world.  We have let the International Community to know that the Biafran people are yawning for their freedom and independence.  It is right and proper for our agitation to be given world attention.  We have on the 5th November 2012 re-declared the Independence of the Rep of Biafra based on the Original Mandate  the Eastern National Consultative Assembly mandated Chukwuemeka Odumegwu OJUKWU on May 30th 1967 to declare the then Eastern Nigeria an Independent and Sovereign State.  The Republic of Biafra was declared to serve as a defensive shield and to protect the people of the Eastern Nigeria from genocide and pogrom from the Muslim Nigeria.   On February 20th 2013 in follow up to the Re-declaration of Biafra on November 5th 2012, we formed the Biafra government in which we have appointed key Biafrans as Ministers.  We have also abolished the Naira to take full effect May 20th 2013 and to be replaced by the Biafran Pound at N1000  = Bf1.  We have also ordered all Nigeria military personnel to quit our country Biafra by 05/03/2013 failure which Nigeria will be penalized at the rate of US$5 million per day including interest until The Rep of Biafra obtains compliance from the Nigeria State to quit all Biafra territories.

Reasons Biafrans and non Biafrans should join BZM:
Our security is not guaranteed in Nigeria as a people and therefore the independence of Biafra is the only way for our future survival.   Biafra is the bulwark which will guarantee our security out of Nigeria.  On a daily basis our people are being killed all over Nigeria and therefore it is the task facing every Biafran to make sure that we are free from Nigeria and to be safe.  If we fail to re-declare the independence of Biafra, our future is very bleak in Nigeria.  Our whole being as Biafrans is that we must be safe in our home country.  We are therefore appealing to all Biafrans wherever you are in the world to join us the ZIONIST.  If we fail, we could be one day be forced to convert to Islam as the Boko Haram is agitating, but  God forbid.  Nigeria will be defeated and so shall we defeat ISLAM  too.  Our people are being bombed and killed daily in Nigeria and we must now wake up to fight back through the Independence of the Rep of Biafra. This is a task that we must witness to come to pass.

Qualified to join: People
Biafra Zionist Movement  is open to all Biafrans.  Biafrans have every right to join BZM.  It is not an Ibo Organization.  All Efiks, Ibibios, Ijaws, Urhobos, Tiv, Igallas, Ogonis, Benis Camerounians and  people around the world  should  join the BZM.  Our door is open to all Biafrans and non Biafrans too especially all friends of Israel world wide  When you join us you will be taking a stand  against Nigeria killing of our citizens daily.  If you join us you will be stopping the Boko Haram from killing our people.  If you join us you are supporting Israel and God will bless you. If you join us you are reclaiming the Sovereignty that was taken away from us in 1914 without our consent. If you join us you are saying NO to Islam and Mosques being built in Biafra. If you join us you are saying enough is enough of Nigeria marginalization of Biafrans and ending corruption and wickedness that is prevailing in Nigeria today.  If you join us you shall be taking a stand against Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb which will constitute a threat to Israel.  If you join us you will be reminding Egypt that the Biafra people have not forgotten the bombings that it carried out against us during the war in its blind support for its Muslim Nigeria brothers and sisters that killed millions of our citizens.

Republic of Biafra An Ally & Supporter of Israel
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